DF Series (Single)DF Series (Single)
DB Series (Double)DB Series (Double)
DS Series (Wide)DS Series (Wide)
RS Series (Rotary Switches)RS Series (Rotary Switches)
R1 SeriesR1 Series
Ignition Micro Switch ChainIgnition Micro Switch Chain
DFK SeriesDFK Series
DFE SeriesDFE Series
DFC SeriesDFC Series
DS With Screw SeriesDS With Screw Series
DFM SeriesDFM Series

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Quest To Be The Best
Our R&D constantly makes an effort to increase the quality of our products.
The utilization of new raw materials, modern equipments and efficient processing makes it possible for us to deliver products of outstanding quality.

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Our adventure of manufacturing top quality Rocker and Rotary Switches started about 30 years ago. Operating under the main principle of improving our processes each and every day, we strive for providing our customers the combination of quality, cost-advantage and flexibility.

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